China Building Materials Engineering signed six 10 MW biomass power plants in Indonesia
Release Time [2017-12-04]


November 28, China Building Materials Engineering and Indonesia PT.WAHANA FORESTA ABADI held in Shanghai, six 10 MW biomass power plant project construction contract signing ceremony. Peng Shou, Chairman and President of China Building Materials Engineering Corporation and Koh TJIE BENG, President of PT.WAHANA FORESTA ABADI, signed the first batch of six biomass power plant cooperation agreements and EPC contract of the first biomass power plant. Shanghai Kaisheng energy-saving company will be responsible for the implementation of the EPC general contract.
PT.WAHANA FORESTA ABADI is affiliated with HASKO Group in Indonesia. It owns three sections of shipbuilding, plywood factory and power facilities. HASKO Group is Indonesia's largest plywood manufacturer with an annual output of 1,300,000 cubic meters, ranking No. 1 in Asia with 15 plants and 45 plants. The group has invested in five biomass and coal-fired power plants of various sizes.
The project is HASKO Group's first phase of investment in the construction of six biomass power plants, fuel use of wood, sawdust, etc., each plant installed capacity of 10 megawatts. The first power plant construction is expected to start in January 2018, the construction plan of the other five power plants will be started one after another in 2018 ~ 2019. This cooperation can promote China Building Materials Project to further develop Indonesia's market of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower and other clean energy.
PT. KARYA AMANAH MANDIRI General Manager ATATIUS SULISTIO, PT.WAHANA FORESTA ABADI Senior Advisor Zhu Qiang, China Building Materials Engineering Executive Vice President Sun Jianan, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Yang Yu Min, Deputy Chief Engineer and Shanghai Kaisheng Energy Company Chairman and General Manager Yao Dan, General Representative of Indonesia Wang Linuo, Liu Kai, deputy general manager of Shanghai Kaisheng Energy-saving Co., attended the signing ceremony.